Our Story

Welcome to Missouri Homestead Co., (previously Meraki By Nature) re-designed & re-established in 2022, when we moved from Utah to the midwest!

My name is Jennifer Dayley, and I've been in the field of natural health since 2013, when I opened the doors to The Healing Place™... My journey began 15 years ago, when I was miserable, and searching endlessly for answers. Being 50 lbs overweight (my husband too), having over 20 health issues (yes, just me), and taking a myriad of pharma drugs for 18 years, I experienced little relief but many unfortunate side-effects.

After much praying, I was directed to holistic remedies & natural living, and my life was forever changed...

My husband & I both shed all the weight, and I ditched my pharma drugs & healed from most of my health issues (a couple of which I'm still peacefully & patiently & working through)... My family "miraculously" went from 11 prescription & over-the-counter meds down to just ONE! ~ (only used when needed for an auto-immune condition).

While we do find modern medicine valuable in emergency situations, we've learned how to prevent & treat health issues naturally, at home (& occasionally with natural care providers such as chiropractors, massage therapists, herbalists, energy therapy practitioners, homeopaths, etc.).

We haven't been to doctors in over a decade.

In 2018 I created our hand-crafted Meraki By Nature™ product line, which is when our online shop was born... Meraki is a Greek word that means to put your whole heart, passion, & labor of love into what you do. And while it's no longer our "name," it IS still the essence of our company.

With the opening of our shop & running vendor booths at gift shows & conferences (see my blog post here), my husband, 3 of our 4 children, & 2 of our sons-in-law joined me in the journey of growing our small family company.

And with our summer 2022 move to Missouri, we felt the deep desire to bring everything we're about, together, with the beautiful new name of Missouri Homestead Co.

Included under this umbrella of "modern pioneer living" is:

1. The Healing Place
~~~ Natural & holistic health
2. The Gathering Place
~~~ Preparedness, home-centered living, & human connection
3. The Market Place
~~~ Online shop for a natural, non-toxic lifestyle & gift giving

We're so grateful you're here, and we hope you'll return often. We're also grateful when you support local & small family businesses, like ours. This is what keeps America growing... We would love for you to stay with us through email & social media. We are on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, & YouTube & will continue to grow them as we go.

In these Latter Days of ill-health, chaos, & confusion, our desire is to help you separate from "the system," ~ so you can enjoy a healthier, simpler, more old fashioned lifestyle... connected to God, nature, & like-minded humans who value Faith, Family, Freedom, & Farma.

In addition, our daughter, Ashlynn, had the opportunity as a teen, to visit Kenya, Africa with 100 Humanitarians International, 3 times within 18 months. She paid for all of the trips herself, and it was a life changing opportunity for her, as well as one young Massai girl she connected with while she was there.

We fast became very close friends with Heidi Totten (the founder) & decided that this is the organization we wanted to give back to. 100 Humanitarians recently built a cultural center on the Massai Mara, and they focus their efforts on providing the less fortunate with education, gardening towers, water systems, milk goats & cows, beehives, & more.

Please know, that when you purchase from our shop, you are contributing to serving others through this beautiful humanitarian cause.