Our New Shop Name!

Our New Shop Name!
We have an announcement. :) Years & years ago, when my husband and I were first married, we talked about possibly moving to (or at least purchasing land in) Missouri some day.

We mostly let that go & planned to settle permanently out west, but every rare now & again, the Missouri topic would still come up over the years.

Out of the blue, after unexpected but very strong promptings, our youngest daughter & her family moved to Missouri in June 2020... Exactly 1 year later in June 2021, our oldest daughter's husband was transferred 4 1/2 hours north of them for work... and that's when we knew it wasn't a coincidence.

Most of our 30+ years of marriage, we've lived between Utah & Idaho. In 2019 we moved back to Utah & worked hard to stay there, because while we weren't a fan of some of the political things happening, we LOVE the mountains, and we love our friends & family, & all the resources, & just so. many. things.

But in the early spring of this year (2022) we had strong feelings ourselves & couldn't deny any longer, that God had been inviting us to come to Missouri for quite some time... We began realizing that so many of the opportunities and goals we had for staying Utah were not working out, because we needed to be elsewhere.

And so, after much back & forth, we finally made the decision to go. It's been one of THE most difficult, rewarding, challenging, refining, humbling, miracle filled experiences of our lives. We've been recording the before, during, & after of this journey, and we hope to write a book at some point.

We're excited to move forward with our re-designed & re-fined new name of Missouri Homestead Co., while still holding on to the philosophy of "Meraki" from our previous shop name, "Meraki By Nature™."  

Meraki is a Greek word that means to put all of your heart, love, & passion into what you do. And here at (our new) Missouri Homestead Co.,"Meraki" is what we strive for every day of our lives.

Meraki will always be a part of us, in everything ~ Faith, Family, Freedom, Food, & Farma. And we hope it is for you too.
We want to invite you to join us in separating from "the system"... And in returning to the way things were, when life was more simple & wholesome... And in becoming modern pioneers... And in this journey toward a healthier, slower, more peaceful, & old-fashioned way of life.
~ Jennifer

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